Thursday, 9 June 2016

This year has been an interesting one, I have made the move in to the senior school teaching Year 4 and 5. Wow I have loved it. Such rich conversations and learning.

The boss has been discussing work life balance and I have been trying. Making progress even. Sometimes failing but sometimes heading out for ice cream and not even thinking about school. This teaching thing is the making of me rather than the breaking. I love it. I love the challenge, the questions, the push and pull. I love the conversations and excitement from kids. I love the parents who have seen something change – some type of “click” happen with their tamariki. 
The job is hard (not saying it’s harder than anyone else) but it takes everything you give it and more and unfortunately I have never been that good at limiting what I give. 

Just last week I got sick and took a day off, having no voice and nothing left in my kete. I ignored good advice from others and came back too soon. Today I am sick again no voice to speak but no stillness in my mind. So today in between sleeping and taking vitamins, I think… How have I got run down, where did my balance begin to slip?

I am learning though. I am learning that we need to work smarter not harder. We need to learn and stretch, bend and push but stop before we break.

So today I rest and recharge and tomorrow if there is voice in me I will head back, back to my room, back to my tamariki, back to the chalk face. I will teach, challenge and dream again- not just for my tamariki but for me, for all I can achieve as a teacher, as a kaitiaki, for the small steps, the big learning and the chance to instill something more in my students.

This job is hard, but it’s hard because it is important. I am tired because I care and tomorrow I will look to strike the balance again. Tomorrow is a new day.

Kia Kaha Kaiako, We are in this…so let’s be in it together. 

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  1. Hey Elena, after reading this I added Mindfullness to the #EdBookNZ challenge for #CENZ16. I #heart you for writing this because I am well aware of the challenges facing teachers at this time of the year. Often our own health gets relegated to the bottom of the to do list as we tackle the daily schedule of what needs to be done. Even more challenging is the further on we move in our profession the further down the list our own mindfullness shifts. Like you I am conscious of trying to keep my personal health top of that list. You wrote about the balance. That will be the title I take away for my own piece of writing. Keep writing and keep reflecting and keep reminding me.